Win an Olive Sticker

Here are the Free Contest Rules:

• The first person to post a comment and correctly answer one of the three questions below will receive a free Olive sticker.

• You must be the first person to comment with the correct answer for one of the questions. If someone answers one of the questions before you do, you can still win by correctly answering one of the other questions.  Once all three questions have been correctly answered, game over!

• There will be up to three winners.

Here are the questions:

Question #1: In the third Olive book, Olive Goes for a Wild Ride, what is the name of the fly who “finds” Olive floating unconscious on a stick at the end of the story?

Question #2: In the first book, Olive the Little Woolly Bugger, what is the name of the fly who teases Olive and does not make it into The Fly Box?

Question #3: In the second book, Olive and The Big Stream, what is the name of the fly who bounces along the bottom of the river and has his forked tail bent and bruised?

If you don’t want to play along with the contest, you can purchase the stickers for $3 by jumping over to  For every sticker sold, $1.50 goes directly to Casting 4 A Cure.

3 thoughts on “Win an Olive Sticker”

  1. Rebecca says:

    I know these! Ok, I’ll answer just one. Question #2 That would be Randal, the snobby Royal Coachman =)

    1. Kirk Werner says:

      Winner! And judging from the response/call to action, the only one who has A) read the contest; and B) read the books! 😉

      Thanks for playing along.


  2. Kirk Werner says:

    Apparently not many are reading this blog!

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