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Olive and Oprah

A while ago I tried to find a way to contact the folks at the Oprah show to see about submitting Olive for consideration in Oprah’s Book Club List. I had visions of grandeur that Oprah herself would see the books, deem them awesome, have the author on her show, and give away a set of Olive the woolly bugger books to everyone in the audience. Olive would be an instant household name. Oprah has the power to make best sellers out of previously nobodies. Actually, I don’t even care about getting on Oprah’s show, but I would be tickled if my Olive books made Oprah’s Book List for Kids.

Unfortunately I never even got a reply when I submitted the contact form so I’m still a nobody. I wasn’t surprised. After all, Oprah doesn’t strike me as the type of person who would be particularly interested in fly fishing. But wait! Apparently she has actually tried casting a fly before!  Maybe there’s still hope for Olive to break through the fortress and get into Oprah’s hands.

Here is an entry on Field & Stream’s Honest Angler blog.

And Midcurrent also covered the story.

If anyone knows Oprah personally, please have her contact me. I’ll be waiting with baited breath for her call, which should come soon because this is her last season, afterall.


  1. Patrick

    …a fly fisherman with “baited breath”…hmmmmm…

    • Kirk Werner

      But let me make it very clear that I don’t nymph for steelhead most of the time.

  2. Rebecca

    If Oprah doesn’t see the huge benefit of featuring Olive on her show, well then I won’t watch her show anymore…..

    That was a simple choice ~

    • Kirk Werner

      And thank you for that level of commitment and support, Rebecca! But I think Oprah will be calling soon, and then you can continue to watch her.

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