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Reader feedback: Olive the woolly bugger books

I just received this nice note from a parent who bought all three Olive fly fishing books for his son:

“My soon-to-be 5 year-old has read your first 3 books. He’s my die hard fishing buddy. I knew he’d like them because woolly buggers were already his favorite fly (although Olive doesn’t have any flash like his favorite).

He caught a fish on the first fly he tied all by himself last month. I hope he’s hooked for life, because every man needs a good fishing buddy. Thanks for feeding his passion.”

I love hearing from from happy readers. If you’ve read the Olive books, or your kids have, please drop me a note- I’ll send your fishy kid an autographed book mark!  You can contact me HERE.

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  1. montana fishing guide

    I’m a Bozeman fly fishing guide. It was nice to see that the Grossenbachers took Oprah fishing (they guide one of her producers). It sounds like the fishing was tough with the crystal clear water and loads of film crew in the water but sounds like she enjoyed the experience.

    • Kirk Werner

      Montana Fishing Guide,

      I think Oprah did enjoy it, and she indicated that she wants to put a group together for a trip. I checked out your website- looks like you offer it all right in the heart of the West’s best trout fishing. Maybe Oprah will look you up? Looks like you may have a few kids yourself, if that’s you in the photo on the Contact page. Hopefully your kids can get hooked on Olive the Woolly Bugger one day soon! Thanks for commenting.

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