November 20th is Children’s Day: Take a kid fishing

I wasn’t aware until just now that November 20th is apparently Children’s Day. And not only that, but Children’s Day was celebrated even before Mother’s or Father’s Day.   Children’s Day dates back as far as 1856 and was first celebrated in June. Since then it has it has gone through several changes in dates.

More detailed information from Children’s Day was formally celebrated throughout the world in October of 1953, when the International Union for Child Welfare in Geneva sponsored the day. Then in 1954 V.K Krishna Menon, Indian Nationalist and Politician, debated a Universal Children’s Day, which was officially recognized by the United Nations General Assembly. November 20th also marks the anniversary when the UN General Assembly adopted the Declaration of the Rights of the Child in 1959.

Regardless of whether you knew about Children’s Day or not, it sounds like a good excuse to be nice to your kids. Maybe take them fishing, or buy them a token gift.  Might I suggest the Olive the Woolly Bugger series of children’s books?  They’re only $12.95 each so you can buy all three in the series. Many adults spend more than that on coffee each week.

Happy Children’s Day – get your kids hooked on Olive!

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