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The first (of many?) big casts

A few people know that Olive is trying to find her way to Hollywood.  How many people?  Well, the scant few that have read previous posts. Maybe a few more. Actually, it could be a lot of people because one just never knows who is reading this blog.  Maybe the right person…Maybe you’re the right person. Well, whomever you are, I’m here with an update.

My First Hollywood Connection

The past week has been an exciting week for me as I prospect for ways to get Olive ready for the big screen. I can’t say that anything I’ve done has actually gotten Olive any closer to her goal, but I have been making progress on some level.  A week or so ago I talked to someone who works in the movie industry in LA. He’s done some acting and casting direction, and while he wasn’t able to give me any solid leads, he is the first person I’ve ever spoken to in my life who actually makes a living in “the business”. I’ll be talking to him again, I’m sure. Heck, we’re even Facebook friends now.

Mr. Screenwriter

The next person I reached out to is a someone who I would consider to be a highly accredited screenwriter. He has an impressive resume of work that he has done for animated television shows and films. Is he a household name? I don’t know–I’ve never payed much attention to the names of screenwriters until now, but his resume includes work that is of the household name variety.  When I sent the email off I didn’t know if I’d ever hear back from him, but ultimately I did, and he has been very helpful an forthcoming with information.  He likes Olive as a character, so I was pleased to hear that.  I did not ask him to write the screenplay for Olive because that would be getting WAY ahead of myself (not to mention that I couldn’t afford it out of my own pockets).  There are a couple of ways this might work out. One way is that first a Producer will want the project, then they’ll assign things to an animation studio, who will probably be the one to select a screenwriter. At least this is how I think hope it will play out. Right now Mr. Screenwriter is reviewing a detailed “premise” I sent him that includes a character “arc”.  These are new terms for me, but after I get the feedback from Mr. Screenwriter, I’ll have a slightly better understanding of where I need to go and what I need to do, hopefully, once a screenwriter is chosen. This is all uncharted territory for me.

The Big Fish

Most recently I set my sights on a very well known Hollywood “celebrity”. I’ve known who he is for years. You would know who he is. He’s an A-List actor that has been in some very big films, including one highly-acclaimed film that had something to do with fly fishing. He’s a fly fisherman and a passionate conservationist, having lent his narrative talents to a film that is well-known within the fly fishing world. He also serves on the board of directors for a non-profit group whose mission is to protect and restore America’s rivers. This person is also passionate about the art of film making, so when I tallied up each of these categories, I decided he was my ace in the hole: my Big Fish. If anyone could see a benefit to my proposed film featuring Olive the Woolly Bugger, it would be him. I hope.  So this week fired off what I call the single most important hope cast of my life: I polished up my Powerpoint presentation and sent off an email to The Big Fish. No, I didn’t have a personal email for the Big Fish in question, but I sent it in care of someone with whom he works–someone that I had previously corresponded with via email. This person told me that he would forward my email to The Big Fish, so I do know that it will at least be received. Beyond that I know not whether it will actually be read, my presentation viewed or whether I’ll receive a reply. In my email to him I said:

Understanding that you receive probably countless inquiries from people for film projects, all I ask is that you take 4 minutes to view my attached PowerPoint. I’m willing to bet that you’ve never been approached with an idea like this.

Thanks very much for your time, which I do not intend to waste.

I’m not allowing myself to get my hopes up. I am not expecting a reply. Even so, as I sit here writing this I have to wonder if The Big Fish has already seen my presentation, and if so, what he thinks of it. Since I haven’t heard anything in two days, I have to assume that he’s on vacation, far from a computer and email. Certainly that’s why I haven’t heard back yet. Right?

As an encouraging friend said (thanks, Pat), “Can’t catch if you don’t cast.” If I don’t get a nibble or even a refusal, I’ll sharpen my hook and cast to another fish.

The right fish is out there. I just know it.


  1. Patrick

    Well, considering the woolly bugger is one of the most widely used flies for the widest variety of species, good presentation may be all it takes to land the big one. Maybe someday I’ll say, “I knew him when he was more unaccomplished…”

    • Kirk Werner

      And you have struck upon the very reason why the character of Olive was chosen in the first place, aside from the fact that Olive the Bitch Creek would have drawn criticism from certain factions. I’ll always be the same guy working in his yard and getting skunked on the Yakima River…it’s Olive who risks becoming an insufferable celebrity ego-maniac, although I think that probably won’t happen either. She’s consummately humble.

  2. Larry

    I’ve never considered “Unaccomplished” as the correct description of you Kirk. It’s catchy, but I think the question is more the level of accomplishment. Even when (and I mean WHEN) you land that big fish, if the monicker “Unaccomplished” still feels comfortable, then wear if proudly my friend.

    • Kirk Werner

      Larry, I do appreciate your faith in me. However, I’ve earned the title of Unaccomplished Angler with regard to fishing. In all reality it’s my relationship with the Yakima River in particular that has warranted the moniker 😉 No matter where the future takes Olive, I shall always be the Unaccomplished Angler. It’s comfortable, like a pair of old skivvies. Thanks for your enthusiastic support- it really does mean a lot.

  3. Vivian Kirkfield

    Best of luck, Kirk! I really admire your motivation and vision!!! I hope the “Big Fish” (initials P.N. by any chance?) recognizes the charm of Olive and the important messages she brings to children…who are, after all, the next generation of fly-fisherpeople and the ones who will preserve and protect our precious planet.

    • Kirk Werner

      Thank you, Vivian. Gotta have something to keep me pushing forward each day, and that hope of landing The Big Fish is my motivation. P.N. are not the initials. Advance the first initial by 4 and the second by 5 and you’ll have the initials of the Big Fish in question 😉 This film can be so much more than the stories in the books, and it will have a message that is important to kids and adults. Animated feature films are very sophisticated and intended for adult audience as much if not more so than kids. Just need to get that one right person to hear me out!

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