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Olive the Woolly Bugger film: The End

A while back I shared with you my idea for the opening scene for the Olive animated film. Based on this concept, those familiar with the Olive books recognize that this film will not just be a recycled version of the stories from the books.

The opening scene precedes a dream sequence in which the magic of the story is contained. After the dream has concluded, the closing scene finds Olivia and her father standing together along the edge of a river. It’s Olivia’s first time fly fishing, and she is filled with wonder and intrigue. Like any child she wants to catch a fish, but thanks to her dream from the night before, she has gained insight that goes well beyond her young years and lack of experience. As she casts her line into the water she asks her father, “Dad, do you think the river can talk to us?” Her father is delightfully caught off-guard by the question. Through their conversation we learn that a river does talk to us, if we’re willing to listen. And thanks to Olive the Woolly Bugger we come to realize that there is much more to fishing than just catching fish…

Olive the Woolly Bugger as an animated film. This is my dream.


  1. Teeg Stouffer

    May your dream become a reality, my friend!

    • Kirk Werner

      Thanks, Teeg, for your support and contacts. It means a heck of a lot!

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