Christmas is still 16 days way, but I got an early present today. And it was quite a surprise.

Thanks to a Facebook post from Montana Fly Company today, I found out that Olive got shown some love in the press: on page 63 of the current issue of Fly Fisherman magazine (Gear Guide 2012).  I had no idea this was planned–nobody ever tells me anything ;). I guess it’s a good thing when Olive is getting attention without me knowing about it…that means it wasn’t because I begged for the coverage. I see this as a sign that momentum is gaining, and I could not be happier. I’m pretty sure Montana Fly Company had something to do with it, so thanks for that, pardner.

My issue hasn’t shown up in the mail yet–now I’ll be waiting with baited breath for the next mail run.

For the visually challenged, which includes yours truly, the blurb reads as follows:

Getting kids interested in fly fishing takes more than just time on the water. You can instill a passion for fly fishing between fishing events by tying flies together, and bringing the culture and entertainment of fly fishing into your home through books and DVDs. Olive the Little Woolly Bugger is a fictional character in a three-book series ($13 each, Johnson Books) created by Kirk Werner. Werner is the co-founder of the website, and has done an excellent job of weaving fly fishing into a story line and illustrations that kids find captivating. The other books in the series are Olive and the Big Stream and Olive Goes for a Wild Ride. Montana Fly Company ( also sells accessories with the Olive motif including Olive the Woolly Bugger nippers and plastic fly boxes with Olive on the front.