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Olive on Ovaleye TV

Kathy Nelson and Carissa Dunphy of Ovaleye Cloud Services recently had me on their show for an interview in which I go on (and on) about Olive the Woolly Bugger. I warned them ahead of time that once I get to talking about fly fishing and Olive, there’s no stopping me.  And still, they wanted to go ahead with the interview, for which I am grateful.

Kathy is the CEO and Chief Decision Maker at OvalEye, where I have all my websites hosted. Kathy’s daughter, Jenn Donogh is the COO and Chief Brand Editor and they are great to work with. Carissa works for Ovaleye as Community Relations Manager and she also owns her own business, Caffeine Keyboard, in which she builds websites and offers great insight into optimizing your web presence. Of the many services offered by Ovaleye, promoting their clients via new web technologies is paramount.  I’d like to thank them for the support and the opportunity to  bring Olive the Woolly Bugger to a new audience.

Grab a couple cups of coffee, sit back, and (hopefully) enjoy the interview. Skype glitches provide for some unintended amusement.


  1. Kevin Breen


    Thanks for the notoriety… American Airlines can use all the positive advertising than can get…especially the free kind…I’ll try and get you and Wooly both on the nose of a 777 or, if we ever get any, a 787 Dreamliner..also Kudos for the interview..

    • Kirk Werner

      I suppose, given their financial situation, they can’t pay for the plug in the video, eh?

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