I’ve known about The Angling Bookstore for several years. In fact, it was right before the Olive books were first published that I attended the Fly Fishing Show in Bellevue, WA; it was here that I learned about The Angling Bookstore. Since then the folks behind The Angling Bookstore have been very supportive of the Olive books, always including Olive on their roadshow each year as part of the Fly Fishing Show. From an author’s standpoint it’s important to be included in these shows because they target specifically my main audience: anglers, young and old and in between. It’seven better when the author can be on hand to introduce the books to the audience, which I was finally able to do.

The Fly Fishing Show has been gone from Bellevue for the past few years, but returned to the Seattle area in 2013. The Lynnwood Convention Center was the host venue, and thanks to The Angling Bookstore I was able to be on hand in the Author’s Booth for two days, signing books, meeting old friends and making new ones.  It was a great opportunity for me and I wanted to publicly thank The Angling Bookstore for their support.  But after finally getting a chance to meet them, The Angling Bookstore now has a face, or rather two faces: Ben and Brooke Furimsky.

Ben and Brooke Furimsky of The Angling Bookstore

If you’re lucky enough to attend one of the last two remaining Fly Fishing Shows this year, stop by Ben and Brooke’s booth. The selection of titles is amazing and they’re great folks. And if you miss the show, visit them online year-round.

Tell ’em Olive sent you.