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  1. Myra Coddens

    Where can I purchase these books in the Chicagoland area? Or maybe in Grayling, MI?

    • Kirk Werner

      Myra, I wish I could tell you specifically, but I’m not privy to all the retail locations that carry the books. I do know that Chicago Fly Fishing carries the books, although they only list the first two titles on their website.You might call them and see if they all 3 books in stock? Thanks for your interest!

  2. Ken Tanaka

    Just wanted to say that I love listening to the “Open Fly Podcast” Great stuff!

    I have a couple question. Why in the world do some of your copies run 8k? Does that come with you personally coming to my house and reading it for me? 😉 Is there some where I can buy all 3 in a bundle?

    • Kirk Werner


      When books go out of print, as is the case with the Olive series, there are always a few unscrupulous characters who have a remaining copy. They mistakenly think they’re sitting on a gold mine and list their copies at outrageously laughable prices, hoping to capitalize on “collector’s editions”. I have to laugh when I see that (wish I got a royalty based on those sale prices!)

      I am working with the publisher to get the books reprinted soon and hope that they will be available again before too long.

      Glad you enjoy the Open Fly podcast, and thanks for your interest in the books.

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