I’m absolutely privileged to post a reader review of the Olive the Woolly Bugger books. My favorite reviews come not from fly fishing magazines, official book reviewers, or adults – the best reviews come from kids! Not all fans of Olive hail from a fly fishing family, either, which supports my contention that Olive is for everyone, whether you’re a fly fishing veteran or you’ve never wet a line

The following photo was sent to me from Carla, whose daughter, Hannie, has developed a certain fondness for Olive. Carla writes:

“I have to tell you that out of hundreds of books (I’m a teacher…I have HUNDREDS) my little Hannie, who’s 3, wants to hear about “Olive” ALL the time. 🙂 ”

I love seeing bent corners on books, a clear indication that they’re getting lots of use!  Thank you to Carla and Hannie for getting hooked on Olive the Woolly Bugger!