Until I saw the video below I had no idea that I was “crushing it”, let alone what the term, in this case, means. There are instances where I’ve heard the term used to describe other things such as when one smashes their finger with a hammer (“Dude, I just crushed my finger!”); when stomping grapes in the wine-making process (“Dude, come on over and let’s crush some grapes”); or when a really great day of fishing is enjoyed (“Dude, I totally crushed the browns”).

Apparently “Crushing It” also means maximizing one’s online presence to promote a business, product, or idea. In the book¬† Crush It by Gary Vaynerchuk, the author talks about many ways the social media revolution has changed the way we live our lives and conduct our business, and the book gives you the tools to take advantage and WIN.

I hope my crushing it will mean that people find out about my kids fly fishing books.¬† I’m also going to remain hopeful that Oprah will finally hear about the books as well. If I never hear from Oprah I’ll be disappointed, but not completely crushed.

Thanks to my friends, Kathy and Jenn over at Ovaleye Web Solutions for the shout out in their vblog.