It’s been a while since I wrote of my progress on the Olive film front and the reason for that is simply that I have nothing to report. There have been no blips on the radar, as it were.  Well, there was a blip on the radar this evening, but that blip went undetected.

A week or so ago I sent a set of Olive books to the second Big Fish I’ve targeted since beginning my quest. This Big Fish met all the criteria to be an invaluable asset in bringing Olive to the big screen: this Big Fish is a well known Hollywood actor and a published author. His published works include a recent and popular fly fishing book as well as a series of children’s books. His work on television and the big screen makes him a household name. I thought that if anyone would appreciate what I am trying to accomplish, it would be him. I hoped he would be interested in the project. Heck, I even had him earmarked as the voice for Clark.

So when my phone rang tonight, it displayed “blocked call”. Naturally I anticipated a solicitor or some other shady individual, so of course I didn’t answer. Why would I? It’s my policy to not answer calls unless I recognize the name/number. If it’s important, the caller will leave a message, right? Well, apparently it was important because much to my surprise there was a voicemail from “blocked call”. I listened, and my jaw dropped because of whose voice it was–yes, it was the second Big Fish. It was the nicest, most heartfelt rejection I could have ever hoped for. I was upset for sure, not so much out of disappointment in being rejected (well, OK maybe a little- or, a lot), but because I’d missed the call. There’s no way to call him back because the number was blocked for obvious security reasons.What I wouldn’t give to have that chance again.

With regard to his book, I’ve not yet read it, but I will be doing so soon. The author is actually signing books at a fly shop in LA in a week, and a friend of mine is going to be there, standing in line, to get me an autographed copy (thanks in advance, Aileen). I’ll read the book with great interest, knowing that I came “this close” to talking to the author. At least I’ll have his autograph.

So, this is strike two when it comes to Big Fish. I’ve got another one in mind, so I shall forge ahead. If Olive never makes it to the big screen, I am better for the journey she has taken me on. I’ve had close encounters with some well known people, and the Olive books have found their way into the hands of people who may have never seen them otherwise. There is victory to be found in that alone.

So thank you, Mr. Big Fish, for the courtesy of the call. I’ll be listening to your voicemail over and over as I bang my head against the wall. And if you ever have a change of plans, Olive eagerly awaits you. Next time I’ll take your call.

And we proceeded on…