Last week a tweet came across the Twitter feed from Jimmy Kimmel. Yes, that Jimmy Kimmel. Of Jimmy Kimmel Live fame. I follow him on Twitter for a couple of reasons: First, he’s pretty funny. I occasionally stay up late enough to watch his show, and when I do I’m usually glad I did; secondly, he’s a fly fisherman.

The tweet in question from August 23rd said:

“my hobbies include updating software and compulsively recharging devices”.

That’s funny, if you’re prone to the same activities, and many of us are. In fact, I’d just finished updating apps on my iPhone and iPad, and had one of them plugged in, recharging (I was using the other). Jimmy’s tweet came just 2 days after Olive the Woolly Bugger and Chuckin’ Bugs went live in the the App Store, so I did as any rational person would have done; I replied to his tweet:

@jimmykimmel recharge your iPad and Chuck some Bugs!

Of course my tweet fell on deaf ears, or rather blind eyes. After all, Jimmy Kimmel has 1,631,375 followers on Twitter. I have 746. He follows only 191 people. Jimmy Kimmel does not follow me. But, the way Twitter works is that you can tag someone and theoretically they will might see the message.

Well, I’ve decided my latest campaign is to get Jimmy Kimmel to see Chuckin’ Bugs. I want him to download the app onto his iPad. I mentioned that he’s a fly fisherman? Well, he’s probably way too busy to fish as much as he’d like, so why not spend a little time between shows chuckin’ some bugs away from the river?

If you are inclined toward Twitter, let’s call him out.  Let’s get Jimmy to chuck some bugs. Maybe he’ll even chuck some on his show…stranger things have happened.

Just tweet this message:

Hey @jimmykimmel — recharge your iPad and chuck some bugs! @olivewoollybugr #flyfishing

Sooner or later he’s going to see one of the tweets, and be curious.