It’s not often get to meet authors of other fishing books for kids. In fact, prior to just recently I’d never met another author of other fishing books for kids. But thanks to a recent interview for an edition of The Fish Schtick podcast hosted by Teeg Stouffer, Brian Bennett and Michael Mauro, I can check that off my list. On March 18th I was invited to participate in a joint interview featuring myself and authors¬† Mike DiLorenzo and Kristine Houghtman. While it was an audio interview and everyone present was in a different part of the country, in this day and age of technology that constitutes “meeting” someone.

Mike DiLorenzo is author of the Adventures with Jonny series that includes tales and adventures that are based on Mike’s own fishing memories with his son, Jon.

Kristine Houghtman is the author of the series of Fish On Kids Books. These are chapter books that chronicle the adventures of of a character by the name of Gus Roberts.

It was interesting to hear other authors of children’s fishing books talk about their projects and gain insight into what it’s like to be an author, from the point of view of others. Obviously, while our books are all very different we had much in common: Besides fishing, an underlying theme in all our books is a message of conservation and respect for the resources, as well as other important life lessons.

Thanks to Teeg, Brian and Michael for the opportunity to be part of the interview. And to Mike and Kristine, it was nice to “meet” you and learn about your awesome books.¬† Best of success to you both!

I’ve posted the permalink to the podcast HERE.