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Sponsor Spotlight: Angling University

This is Part 7 in a series of sponsor spotlights to shout out to the companies that helped make the Olive the Woolly Bugger iPad app a possibility. The app is available in the App Store, here, and right now during the month of December the app is on sale for only $1.


Angling University is the main, “gold” sponsor of the app


1. Business Name: Angling University (a member of The Flyfisher Group)

2. Your title/position: (Ethan Emery) Director of Outreach and Education.

3. Services Offered:  Fishing and fly fishing classes, lessons, camps, online instruction.

4. How long have you been in business/worked for your current company? 9 years.

5. What made you decide to become a sponsor of the Olive the Woolly Bugger iPad app? We believe in the importance of furthering the sport of fly fishing and all that it stands for. Olive the Woolly Bugger represents our core values as a business; education, conservation, appreciation for the outdoors, and an understanding of ones role in the larger society and ecosystem. We hold strongly to the idea that fishing does something uniquely positive for your sole and that all people should be able to experience the joys of angling.


Thank you to Angling University for being the Gold Sponsor. Please visit their website and see all that they offer as far as products, services and education programs.

Sponsor Spotlight: Al Ritt Flies

This is Part 3 in a series of sponsor spotlights to shout out to the companies that helped make the Olive the Woolly Bugger iPad app a possibility. The app is available in the App Store, here, and right now during the month of December the app is on sale for only $1.



1. Business Name:  Al Ritt Flies.

2. Your title/position:  Al and Diana Ritt – co-owners.

3. Services Offered:  Fly tying classes for groups, shops and individuals.  Fly tying demonstrations, fly fishing and tying presentations for clubs and shows.  Custom fly orders.

4. How long have you been in business/worked for your current company?  Business was formed in 2004.

5. What made you decide to become a sponsor of the Olive the Woolly Bugger iPad app?  We provide and support educational opportunities in fly fishing and fly tying.  We support conservation and environmental awareness.  We believe it’s important to communicate these messages and opportunities to our youth and believe Olive is an enjoyable personality that engages kids and apps appeal to today’s younger generations so they are a format kids are comfortable with and will utilize.


Thank you to Al Ritt Flies for being a sponsor. Please visit their website and learn more: Alrittflies.com 

Canada likes Olive the Woolly Bugger

A couple of months ago I posted about Olive receiving a nice nod in the 2012 Fishing Annual issue of Outdoor Canada magazine. The books, as well as the fly box and nippers by Montana Fly Company, were given the Best New Gear Award for Kids. The accolade was quite a welcome surprise.  Wayne Phillips is the writer behind the gear reviews, and while I did know from correspondence with Wayne several months ago that he was going to review Olive, I didn’t know when or exactly what the review would entail. I’m grateful for Wayne’s interest in Olive, which you can see here.

Photo by Outdoor Canada magazine


As it turns out, Wayne is a good guy to know because he also writes a weekly column for the Saskatoon Sun. In the October 23, 2011 issue his column discussed the value in teaching kids about fishing and getting outdoors, and featured Olive. Wayne sent me a nice letter with a photocopy of the article:

From the Saskatoon Sun, October 23, 2011


Thank you, Wayne, for your interest in Olive, and for the really nice things you had to say. With your help,I hope that Canada will get hooked on Olive!

Olive earns Best New Gear Award from Outdoor Canada


I recently find out that the Olive books and fly boxes/nippers from Montana Fly Company were recently awarded Best New Gear for Kids for 2012 by Outdoor Canada magazine.

Seems as though I’m always the last to know, and in fact I may not have ever known about this if not for someone else posting the photo from the magazine page on Facebook!

Thanks to Montana Fly Company, a great partner for Olive.


Get kids started with the Redington Minnow

A while back I listed a few fly rods geared toward young anglers. There are many offerings worthy of consideration, with prices that range from below $100 up to nearly $200.  Undoubtedly any of these rods will serve your child well as they enter into the world of fly fishing.

With the Holidays now upon us folks may be looking for that perfect gift for a young angler in their lives. I’d like to highlight the Redington Minnow, which is targeted at kids ages 6-12.  It’s not just a rod, but a complete outfit that includes a two-piece, 8-foot graphite rod with a line weight designation of 5/6 and a Redington Crosswater reel. The Minnow Outfit retails for $99, which is a very attractive price point for a rod, reel and line. As a whole I’m very impressed with Redington as a company. They combine quality with affordability, and their warranty covers the cost to repair or replace the Minnow rod and Crosswater reel for one year. Check their website for specific warranty information.

Eight feet is plenty long enough to cast efficiently, but it’s just short enough to not be overly cumbersome in the hands of a young angler. The two piece rod makes sense for youngsters as it’s less to worry about. Face it, younger kids are not always detail-oriented, so only having to align and secure two rod sections simplifies things and reduces the chances of ferrules coming apart when casting. Redington thoughtfully includes alignment dots on the Minnow, which is a nice feature I wouldn’t mind having on my rods! Another nice feature of the Minnow is its shortened cork grip that makes the rod easier to keep a hold of for smaller hands. A 5 weight is widely considered the all around rod for most fly fishing, and it’s safe to say that if a person is going to have only one rod, a 5 weight is the right choice. The Minnow is heavy enough to handle good sized fish, but light enough to still feel the tug of smaller quarry.

The Redington Crosswater reel included in the outfit is described as “tough and unfussy”. It’s a large arbor design which makes for easier and quicker retrieves, and it converts easily for left- or right-handed reeling. It has a strong, disc drag system should your small fry hook up with a big fish. The Crosswater comes spooled with Rio backing and Weight Forward fly line, and also includes a knotless leader. Right out of the box, your child will be ready to tie on their favorite fly and hit the water. The reel and line alone retail for $59, which makes the Minnow Outfit really shine as a value-added package.

The Minnow comes with a rod sock but not a hard case, which really should be something you’ll want to get in order to protect the setup. You have many suitable choices available, so ask your local fly shop for help with selecting a case.  It might be a good idea to choose one that is capable of storing the reel attached to the rod (be sure to have your child inspect the reel seat before each outing to make sure it’s locked securely).

I’ve not personally cast the Minnow, but I have cast other Redington rods and they all feel good in different ways, based on the type of action each rod possesses.  The Minnow is a medium-action rod, which is easiest for beginners of any age.  New casters will be able to feel the rod load, which makes it much easier to develop a proper casting stroke.

The Minnow box includes cut-out targets to a make learning to cast fun, and also includes additional tips, techniques and games to get kids started. The goal of this entire package is to make it fun for kids to get started in the sport. Getting kids into fly fishing is very important to Redington. Kids are the future of the sport and will become stewards of the resource one day.  We need kids to become fly anglers, and that’s exactly the point of my series of children’s fly fishing books featuring Olive the Woolly Bugger.

Conveniently, each Minnow outfit includes a coupon for ordering Olive the Little Woolly Bugger, Olive and The Big Stream and Olive Goes for a Wild Ride at 50% off retail (that’s only $6.47 each)!

Get your little fishing buddy a Minnow Outfit from Redington, a set of entertaining and educational books, and they’ll be hooked for life. You’ll be giving the gift that will pay back dividends for years to come!

Check out the comprehensive listing of kids fly fishing gear, including more from Redington, at Take Kids Fly Fishing

Fly Fishing Auction to benefit Casting 4 A Cure

Casting 4 A Cure is a tremendous organization comprised of folks who love kids and fly fishing. The passion for one benefits the love for the other as fly fishing serves as a vehicle to raise much-needed funding for the International Rett Syndrome Foundation.

Rett Syndrome is a cruel neurodevelopmental disorder which begins to show its affects in infancy or early childhood. It is seen almost exclusively in females, although it can occur rarely in boys.  The disorder severely disrupts gross and fine motor skills as well as robbing the girls of their ability to speak and communicate with the outside world.  Seizures and breathing problems can also be prevailing symptoms. It affects every aspect of a family’s life, as our girls are dependent upon us for almost everything, from helping feed them to helping them get around, bathing, and most other daily tasks that most of us take for granted.

Currently there is a very special Ebay auction taking place over the next 10 days. View the auction HERE – it includes some really great stuff. All proceeds will go directly to Casting 4 a Cure, and the auction includes the following items:

Scandalous Sticks Custom Fiberglass “Pygmy” Fly Rod
The Pygmy is a very special little fiberglass rod. It is a 5 foot 6 inch 4wt that has more personality than some people. It is not uncommon to toss a 60-foot cast with a 12 foot leader and a dry fly. Being designed for the dry fly genre it’s NEVER had a rough presentation. The Pygmy has the ability to fight BIG fish into the 30-inch range with ease. This beautiful custom-built rod is truly a one of a kind, with a custom blonde Israeli olive wood reel seat and a “Casting 4 A Cure”  label. This would be a great rod for kids to learn to cast with, but once you see it you’ll want to keep it for yourself! Price $450 Read my review of the rod HERE

Clear Creek aluminum rod tube and sock
Anodized brass screw-on cap with protected internal threads. Clear Creek tubes feature thicker .05” aluminum for super-protection and padded top prevents damage to contents. Rod sock is 60/40 poly-cotton, features flap and tie closure.  Retail $47

Redington Drift 3/4  Fly Reel
Titanium. Designed to meet the specific needs of the trout fisherman, the new Click and Pawl Drift Series is fully machined from 6061-T6 aluminum. These reels are custom anodized.  (pre-spooled with backing and line) Retail $99.95

Rio Mainstream Trout WF4F
Designed to optimize rod performance at normal casting ranges. The MainStream floating lines have a supple self-lubricating coating that remains memory-free in cold water. Retail $39.95

Fishpond Laurel Run Fly Box
In designing the Laurel Run, we challenged the notion that fly boxes must be made of plastic or metal.  Crush-resistant, molded construction; Zippered case; Colorful fishpond Jacquard accent webbing doubles as hand strap; Climbing cord loop for lanyard;High-density foam for easy identification of flies; Floats. 4 x 6 inches. Retail $25.00

Olive the Woolly Bugger books
This series of three children’s fly fishing books is signed by the author, Kirk Werner.  Includes Olive the Little Woolly Bugger, Olive and The Big Stream, and Olive Goes for a Wild Ride.  Also included is an embroidered Olive baseball style cap. Retail $38.85 ($12.95 each)

Tomorrow’s Fly Fishers DVD by Fanny Krieger
This DVD is an introduction to fly fishing for young people and beginners of all ages. It unravels the mystery of fly fishing into a simple, easy to under-stand and fun adventure. Fanny is a Federation of Fly Fishers Certified Casting Instructor. If you know the Krieger name, that says it all!  Retail $29.95

Book Giveaway – Free Olives!

Word of mouth is perhaps the best form of advertising I can think of.  I’m confident that once people read the books, even if they don’t know a thing about fly fishing, they’ll be hooked on Olive.  And my hope is that after reading and enjoying the books these same people will recommend them to their friends.

In order to make some new fans for Olive, I’m offering a free set of books for those who play along with my contest here.  It’s a scavenger hunt of sorts, so it does require a little bit of your time.

Here are the rules:

1.  Successfully find the correct answers to the questions below.

2. Leave your answers in the comments section of this blog.

3. Contest ends September 30, 2010

4. I will draw the names of 2 winners. Each winner will be sent a set of autographed books.

5.  You must tell your friends about Olive the Woolly Bugger!

Here are the questions:

1.  Go to the Olive website.  Name the titles for all three books.

2. Go to the Examiner review for the Olive books.  In this review the name of Olive’s new friend in the third book is revealed. What is the name of her new friend?

3. Go to this page of the Olive website. List the most popular 3 colors of the woolly bugger.

4. Go to the Fishy Kid website. In the list of contributing artists, name the 10th artist featured on the list.

5. Go to this page of the Olive website.  How many fun, free pages can you download for your kids to enjoy?

6. In this blog article, according to the Outdoor Foundation, fishing is the top…____________________?

7. Go to this page of the Olive website. Proceeds from book sales go to support two groups. List those groups.

8. Go to this page of the  Olive website.  Click the KONG 6/16. In the interview it is revealed that I fish with both my son and my daughter:  True or False?

9. Go to this page for the publisher of the Olive books. All three Olive books are on the publisher’s bestseller list.  What positions do they occupy on the list?

10. In this review on Midcurrent, the reviewer’s children preferred reading Olive to watching what TV show?

Thanks for playing along, and good luck!

WINNERS – Monica and Aileen!

Thank you to all who participated