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The Olive movie script is born


If you’ve followed along for the last year and a half, you know that I’ve been chasing a dream: a dream in which Olive the Woolly Bugger stars in her own animated feature film. With the Academy Awards just around the corner, it seems a good time to delve into this subject again.

I’ve written a bit about this endeavor before. Most of my musings were simply an outlet for my thoughts—nothing was set in stone. In fact, since I first started down this path nothing has been left unchanged. The reason you haven’t heard me talk much about it in the last year is because there hasn’t been anything to report. But that doesn’t mean nothing has been happening. Au contraire, there’s been something very important taking place over the course of the last 12-14 months: script writing.

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Olive: Inspired by Cars

When Cars 2 was released to theaters earlier this year, I fully intended to see it. Unfortunately I did not. Jumping ahead to this past weekend, I finally got to watch it on pay-per-view. I enjoying all the familiar characters from the first Cars, as well as the new additions. If you haven’t seen Cars 2 yet, I highly recommend it. There’s a dastardly plot by an evil villain out for world domination, and it involves the oil industry. Very entertaining, and certainly a timely editorial on current events.

As the credits began to roll, it hit me: my concept for Olive’s animated film was missing one very important element: an evil villain with a plan so dastardly that it threatens to destroy the entire world (or at least the entire river).  Yes, the villainous character of Char the Bull Trout still remains, but by comparison with this new evil force, Char is a cuddly teddy bear. And no, the menace does not involve the oil industry.

So, now I’m putting my thoughts to paper, plotting the plot as it were. Everything I’ve developed thus far still fits nicely into the film outline, but now there is a truly dark force that Olive must contend with. It’s going to take the cooperation of all the fish in The Big Stream and all of creatures that rely on the river if they hope to stop this advancing menace. If they can set aside their differences and join forces they can save the Big Stream, and in doing so save themselves.

Does this make you even remotely curious?  I hope so.

I hope it makes some Big Fish curious, too.

That’s the plan. Stay tuned, and thanks for following along.