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Month: January 2012

A Call to Action from Olive the Woolly Bugger

Promoting goods via various means of marketing is what makes a business or product known in the marketplace. Reaching one’s target audience with a message that will hopefully entice them to purchase your product or service is relatively easy given the power of the internet today, but actually getting those audience members to act (make a purchase) requires considerably more effort.

Well, Olive has decided to try something a little different–something rather direct that goes against her soft-spoken nature. She has a huge favor to ask of her True Fans.

If you have or have not seen the books, please consider buying a set of all 3 and giving them to a kid–any kid–even (especially) if they’re not from a fly fishing family. Olive has a message for everyone, and it’s not just about fly fishing.

The fly fishing connection is obvious, but the messages in the stories about perseverance, discovering one’s talents, accepting others, that being different is good, friendship, etc are lessons everyone can identify with, whether or not they’ve ever wet a line. Olive wants everyone in the world to know about her, and that starts one book at a time. It starts with you, the True Fan of Olive. Please, give some very serious consideration to going out right this minute, and ordering a set of Olive books. Some lucky kid will thank you, and you may just find that you want to get a set for yourself. Big kids love Olive, too.

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There are 3 books in the series


My story, storified

It was recently suggested that I needed to establish an account on Storify.com, and publish my story. Until this suggestion, I wasn’t aware of Storify so I had no idea what it was all about.  Always one to do as I am told (OK, not so much actually), I did just that: I signed up and posted my story.  My story is the story of how Olive the Woolly Bugger came to be. I’m not sure what results will be gained from posting on Storify, but it certainly can’t hurt to use another social media channel to my advantage. Time will tell.


If you’re interested, please click the link to view my story, titled From John Deere to Hollywood: Olive the Woolly Bugger

Thanks for reading, and for the support.