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Month: March 2011

Fishy Librarians

Future Fisherman Foundation logoA good long while ago, on my other blog, The Unaccomplished Angler, I wrote about my first ever author visit to Gracemor Elementary in Kansas City, Missouri in October of 2008. In many ways that seems like forever ago, although I’ll never forget the trip and the wonderful people who welcomed me at Gracemor.

I’m glad to know that they haven’t forgotten about me, either.  Today I received an email from Mr. Bob Dever, the teacher who orchestrated my visit to his school.  He’s still teaching fishing and fly fishing to kids at Gracemor thanks to continued grant money from the Physh Ed program at the Future Fisherman Foundation.

Bob writes:

I wanted to brag to you about our wonderful librarians at Gracemor Elementary School.  I also thought the Federation of Fly Fishers would be interested in this story.  Pictured from left to right are our librarians.  Both staff members are well acquainted with our school’s fishing and outdoor education program and have made great contributions to make the program successful by ordering many types of fishing books for our school’s library.  Recently they made this display, to be sure our students know about these books.  What more could this fishing instructor ask for?

Kirk, we still love your Olive books.

Fishing book display at Gracemor Elementary School, KC Missouri

Fishing display at the library of Gracemor Elementary

That made my day.  Thanks to Bob for his leadership and devotion in arranging for kids at Gracemor Elementary to be introduced to fishing and fly fishing, and to the wonderful library staff for reinforcing the value that fishing offers kids.  And of course thanks to the Future Fisherman Foundation for the tremendous work they do to promote fishing to kids.  There’s much more to fishing than catching fish and thanks to all these folks, kids can find out what that means.  Kids are, afterall, tomorrow’s stewards of our resources. Introduce a kid to fishing and you’re investing in the future.

Children’s fishing book authors

It’s not often get to meet authors of other fishing books for kids. In fact, prior to just recently I’d never met another author of other fishing books for kids. But thanks to a recent interview for an edition of The Fish Schtick podcast hosted by Teeg Stouffer, Brian Bennett and Michael Mauro, I can check that off my list. On March 18th I was invited to participate in a joint interview featuring myself and authors  Mike DiLorenzo and Kristine Houghtman. While it was an audio interview and everyone present was in a different part of the country, in this day and age of technology that constitutes “meeting” someone.

Mike DiLorenzo is author of the Adventures with Jonny series that includes tales and adventures that are based on Mike’s own fishing memories with his son, Jon.

Kristine Houghtman is the author of the series of Fish On Kids Books. These are chapter books that chronicle the adventures of of a character by the name of Gus Roberts.

It was interesting to hear other authors of children’s fishing books talk about their projects and gain insight into what it’s like to be an author, from the point of view of others. Obviously, while our books are all very different we had much in common: Besides fishing, an underlying theme in all our books is a message of conservation and respect for the resources, as well as other important life lessons.

Thanks to Teeg, Brian and Michael for the opportunity to be part of the interview. And to Mike and Kristine, it was nice to “meet” you and learn about your awesome books.  Best of success to you both!

I’ve posted the permalink to the podcast HERE.

Some fishing tips for kids

Olive the Woolly Bugger promotes not just fly fishing but fishing for kids in general. It’s all good, and getting out on the water chasing fish, no matter the tackle and method of delivery, is better than staying inside and playing fishing games on a video console. Over at Earth Sports, they’ve posted a good article titled, Fishing Tips For Kids. It’s definitely worth a read.



Olive & Redington in the News

Several months ago I pitched an idea to the folks at Redington and it was a good enough idea that they enthusiastically agreed on a joint venture to promote kids and fly fishing. You see, Redington makes the Minnow Fly Fishing Outfit which is a great outfit geared toward kids. My series of Olive fly fishing books are also geared toward kids, so it seemed like a reasonably excellent idea for Olive and Redington to team up and give fishy kids some added value, as if getting the Minnow wasn’t awesome enough!

Now when your lucky little fishing buddy opens their brand new Minnow, they’ll find the following coupon inside, good for ordering all three Olive books at half off the retail price of $12.95.

Recently a friend, Sarah, pointed out to me that Northwest Fly Fishing magazine announced the Redington/Olive partnership in their March/April 2011 issue.  I’ve not yet had a chance to get the latest issue of the magazine so Sarah sent me a scanned copy of the page featuring the announcement. Thanks, Sarah! The article is here:

Reading for Redington

By the way, Sarah works for The Wild Salmon Center, doing great work on behalf of our Pacific Rim salmon.

So run on over to your local fly shop and pick up a Redington Minnow for your kid, and don’t throw the box away!  In addition to there being some great casting games and cut-out targets printed on the box, there is also a coupon inside for some books.

Spring Youth Fly Fishing Contest

It may not feel like it where you live, but Spring is just around the corner. Really, I promise. Warmer days are ahead of us and that means bulbs will be emerging, grass will be starting to grow, and folks of all ages will be chomping at the bit to get outside and do a little fishing.

And just in time for Spring fishing is a contest for kids being offered by Kyle Perkins over at The Compleat Angler. In a nutshell, here are the contest guidelines which must be submitted by April 29th, 2011:

  • You must post a picture of yourself, or draw a picture of something that reminds you of fishing
  • You need to provide a few brief sentences on a why you love fishing or why you want to learn to fly-fish
  • You can post on your own site (or parent site) with a link to it in the comment section of this post.
  • You’re parents’ permission is required for any prizes – please include parent contact information in any email if you send it on your own.


Kyle has gotten his hands on a sweet Redington Crosswater Youth Fly Fishing Outfit that he’ll be giving away as the grand prize. The outfit includes a 4-piece, 8’6″ 5/6 weight rod, Crosswater reel spooled with backing, Rio Mainstream WF line and leader, and a rod/reel case all set to go!

I’m honored to have been chosen as a contest judge, along with Cameron Mortenson of the Fiberglass Manifesto and Fishy Kid fame. Rumor has it that an autographed copy of Olive the Little Woolly Bugger will also be given away as an additional prize.

Jump on over to The Compleat Thought and get all the details on this contest!