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Fun Free Stuff

Here you’ll find a word search, fun maze, word puzzle, and coloring pages featuring Olive the Woolly Bugger. Click on the images – these pages are free to download. Just print them out and enjoy!

You’ll need Acrobat Reader. If you don’t have the latest version on your computer, it’s free here.


  1. Brian

    These are very cool. Thanks Kirk.

    • Kirk Werner

      Thanks, Brian…enjoy! And let me know if you get stuck on some of the bigger words in the puzzle ; )

  2. Carleen Short

    Accompanying my husband on a trip to fly fish in the Au Sable River, I came across your books in a fly fishing shop. During the summer, I start thinking about the theme for my computer lab – I was gob stopped when I saw Olive and discovered my theme. Olive will become an acronym to remind the students of lab procedures and behavior and the books will be used, especially with the younger students, to set the theme for the rest of the year. Thank you for the inspiration!

    • Kirk Werner

      Carleen, wow- thanks for the nice comment. I’m flattered that Olive has inspired you!

  3. Carleen Short

    Regarding my previous post: I would like to ask your permission to use images of Olive in my lab to highlight positive behaviors and key concepts.

    • Kirk Werner

      I will contact you 🙂

  4. Steven Smith/The Eastern Fly

    LOVE THESE!!! Glad to know there is free stuff out there like this. My wife and I are expecting our first child (tomorrow evening actually) and I cannot wait till she is old enough to scribble and color on these awesome images!!

    • Kirk Werner

      First off, congrats on your first born! As one who just sent his youngest off to college, I can tell you the years will fly by and your first born will be coloring and scribbling before you know what hit you. Exciting times ahead for you–enjoy! Second, thanks for poking around the site and taking time to leave a comment- it is much appreciated!

  5. Mick

    Looking to get a set of your Olive books for my daughters 1st birthday. Just read your post about the dwindling supply of books. Do you still have a set for sale?

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