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Canada likes Olive the Woolly Bugger

A couple of months ago I posted about Olive receiving a nice nod in the 2012 Fishing Annual issue of Outdoor Canada magazine. The books, as well as the fly box and nippers by Montana Fly Company, were given the Best New Gear Award for Kids. The accolade was quite a welcome surprise.  Wayne Phillips is the writer behind the gear reviews, and while I did know from correspondence with Wayne several months ago that he was going to review Olive, I didn’t know when or exactly what the review would entail. I’m grateful for Wayne’s interest in Olive, which you can see here.

Photo by Outdoor Canada magazine


As it turns out, Wayne is a good guy to know because he also writes a weekly column for the Saskatoon Sun. In the October 23, 2011 issue his column discussed the value in teaching kids about fishing and getting outdoors, and featured Olive. Wayne sent me a nice letter with a photocopy of the article:

From the Saskatoon Sun, October 23, 2011


Thank you, Wayne, for your interest in Olive, and for the really nice things you had to say. With your help,I hope that Canada will get hooked on Olive!

Olive earns Best New Gear Award from Outdoor Canada


I recently find out that the Olive books and fly boxes/nippers from Montana Fly Company were recently awarded Best New Gear for Kids for 2012 by Outdoor Canada magazine.

Seems as though I’m always the last to know, and in fact I may not have ever known about this if not for someone else posting the photo from the magazine page on Facebook!

Thanks to Montana Fly Company, a great partner for Olive.


Always the last to know…and OK with that.

Christmas is still 16 days way, but I got an early present today. And it was quite a surprise.

Thanks to a Facebook post from Montana Fly Company today, I found out that Olive got shown some love in the press: on page 63 of the current issue of Fly Fisherman magazine (Gear Guide 2012).  I had no idea this was planned–nobody ever tells me anything ;). I guess it’s a good thing when Olive is getting attention without me knowing about it…that means it wasn’t because I begged for the coverage. I see this as a sign that momentum is gaining, and I could not be happier. I’m pretty sure Montana Fly Company had something to do with it, so thanks for that, pardner.

My issue hasn’t shown up in the mail yet–now I’ll be waiting with baited breath for the next mail run.

For the visually challenged, which includes yours truly, the blurb reads as follows:

Getting kids interested in fly fishing takes more than just time on the water. You can instill a passion for fly fishing between fishing events by tying flies together, and bringing the culture and entertainment of fly fishing into your home through books and DVDs. Olive the Little Woolly Bugger is a fictional character in a three-book series ($13 each, Johnson Books) created by Kirk Werner. Werner is the co-founder of the website takekidsflyfishing.com, and has done an excellent job of weaving fly fishing into a story line and illustrations that kids find captivating. The other books in the series are Olive and the Big Stream and Olive Goes for a Wild Ride. Montana Fly Company (mfc.com) also sells accessories with the Olive motif including Olive the Woolly Bugger nippers and plastic fly boxes with Olive on the front.


Olive Goes to IFTD

The International Fly Tackle Dealer (IFTD) tradeshow, put on by the American Fly Fishing Trade Association (AFFTA), is currently under way in New Orleans, Lousiana (NOLA). And Olive the Woolly Bugger (OtWB) is there. That’s a mouthful of acronyms for one sentence.

A lot of people I know, either personally or through online correspondence, are attending the show. I wish I was able to have made the trip but unfortunately it was not in the cards this year. I am pleased to know that Olive the woolly bugger is well represented, however.  Montana Fly Company (MFC), with whom Olive has recently partnered to produce a line of Olive branded kids fly fishing accessories, has an impressive booth at the show.

As part of the Montana Fly Company booth, there is apparently a table that displays the Olive books as well as the brand new Olive fly boxes and Olive nippers.  Three different friends were thoughtful enough to snap photos and either post on Facebook or send me via email.  Thanks to friends Jarrod Black (Echo/Rajeff Sports), Evan Burke (Allen Fly Fishing Company) and Matt Smythe (keeper of the Fishing Poet blog) for the photos. It’s the next best thing to being there.

Olive partners with Montana Fly Company


Breaking Insider Information–Olive the Woolly Bugger and Montana Fly Company have partnered to offer first-of-a-kind, functional fly fishing products for kids!

Columbia Falls-based Montana Fly Company, and Olive the Woolly Bugger (who hails from Duvall, WA) have partnered to produce a series of kids fly boxes and nippers. Using Montana Fly Company’s super cool digital imprinting technology, these high quality plastic fly boxes and durable nippers feature artwork from the Olive the Woolly Bugger series of children’s books.

Kirk Werner, author and illustrator of the Olive series, says that partnering with Montana Fly Company on this venture brings the appeal of Olive to a new level. “Prior to now, the only way to get kids hooked on Olive was through the books,” says Werner. “Now kids can take Olive with them to the water and she can be there when they catch fish. It’s a very exciting opportunity.”

Adam Trina, President of Montana Fly Company, says this about the new partnership:  “Should be fun!”

Indeed. Let the fun begin! The Olive-branded products are included in the 2012 Montana Fly Company product catalog and will be available through retailers soon.


Because this unofficial “leak” comes ahead of the actual press release, any formal inquiries should directed toward Outside Media, which handles such matters for Montana Fly Company.


A contest for fly fishing kids

Over at Take Kids Fly Fishing, there’s a coloring CONTEST going on right now for kids up to age 16. Entries may be submitted through the month of June with winners selected in July. The list of gear is impressive, from waders to rod and reel outfits, dvds and books, fly boxes and clothing, etc. The contest sponsors include:

Albright Fly Fishing, Echo/Rajeff Sports, Fishpond, JEM Cremp’s, Fanny Krieger, Leland Fly Fishing Outfitters, Montana Fly Company, Olive the Woolly Bugger, Orvis, Patagonia, Redington, Tyler Befus and Trout Unlimited.

Check out the Take Kids Fly Fishing contest, and look around the website while you’re there for listings of kids fly rods and reels, kids waders and boots, kids vests, hats, clothing and accessories, dvds and books, kids fly fishing camps and kid friendly fly fishing guides.

Everything you need to help enhance your kid’s fly fishing experience, all in one place!

Exciting news that I can’t talk about

Have you ever been really excited about something? You know, something really exciting? But you’re sworn to secrecy and you can’t say anything to anyone about it yet?

Kinda like when you’re out fishing by yourself and you land that epic fish, and you even have a photo of it, but you can’t tell anyone about the fish or even show them the photo?

Most people wouldn’t even believe you without proof. Anglers are notorious liars, so the doubt is understandable.

Well, you’re just going to have to take my word for it: something pretty cool is brewing for Olive the woolly bugger.

Believe me, when the time is right you’ll be the first to hear about it.