A couple of months ago I posted about Olive receiving a nice nod in the 2012 Fishing Annual issue of Outdoor Canada magazine. The books, as well as the fly box and nippers by Montana Fly Company, were given the Best New Gear Award for Kids. The accolade was quite a welcome surprise. ¬†Wayne Phillips is the writer behind the gear reviews, and while I did know from correspondence with Wayne several months ago that he was going to review Olive, I didn’t know when or exactly what the review would entail. I’m grateful for Wayne’s interest in Olive, which you can see here.

Photo by Outdoor Canada magazine


As it turns out, Wayne is a good guy to know because he also writes a weekly column for the Saskatoon Sun. In the October 23, 2011 issue his column discussed the value in teaching kids about fishing and getting outdoors, and featured Olive. Wayne sent me a nice letter with a photocopy of the article:

From the Saskatoon Sun, October 23, 2011


Thank you, Wayne, for your interest in Olive, and for the really nice things you had to say. With your help,I hope that Canada will get hooked on Olive!