My friend Leland Miyawaki, who is the fly fishing manager at the Orvis shop in Bellevue, WA (and father of the infamous Miyawaki Beach Popper), was recently in New England for the annual meeting of all the top dogs at Orvis (and apparently they invited the fishing managers as well).

Leland writes:

Last Monday evening, I attended a reception with all of Orvis retail execs as well as we fishing managers at the Museum. To the left under the staircase in the bookstore on a shelf was the Olive display. I was surprised and quite proud of our boy Kirk…Yes indeed. Kirk Werner and Roderick Haig Brown.

Olive on display at the American Museum of Fly Fishing, photo courtesy of Leland Miyawaki

Roderick Haig Brown is a god in terms of fly fishing literary history, so that’s an outrageous statement. But I’m certainly very proud that Olive found her way into the bookstore of the American Museum of Fly Fishing.

For those who do not know, the Museum is located in Manchester, VT— roughly 500 feet from the Orvis flagship store, (and just a bit further from what appears to be The Bean Mexican Eatery and Bar, at least according to Google Maps). The museum was established in 1968 by a group of interested anglers, with the purpose of preserving and exhibiting the treasures of American angling. Fly fishing obviously has a very rich heritage in New England and it seems fitting that the region is home to such a treasure trove of fly fishing memorabilia.

I’ve never been to that part of the country. You can bet it’s on my ever-expanding bucket list.

Thanks to Leland for the report, and thank you to the folks at the American Museum of Fly Fishing for letting Olive be a small part of your gift shop.