An interview with 2 fly fishing sorta guys

Recently myself and Derek Young (owner of Emerging Rivers Guide Services) gathered in the comforts of Derek’s garage and via Skype were interviewed by Kathy Nelson of Ovaleye Web Solutions/Cloud Services.  Ovaleye hosts two of my websites, Itchy Dog Productions and Olive the Woolly Bugger (which includes this blog), as well as my other blog, The Unaccomplished Angler.  Derek’s website is also hosted by Ovaleye.

Kathy Nelson and her daughter and business partner, Jenn Donough, offer small business solutions to the entrepreneur-minded folks, such as but certainly not limited to the likes of Derek and myelf.  Huddled around a propane heater to stave off the chill of a late January day, we successfully avoided setting fire to our pants and pulled off an interview in which we talk about what we do, our goals, and how we use social media to help market our businesses.

If you’re looking for a guided trip on the Yakima River in Washington state, or perhaps a walk and wade on one of the Forks of the Snoqualmie, give Derek a shout.  If you’re looking for web hosting, web design and other internet-based small business solutions, check out Ovaleye. For graphic design services or engaging children’s books, come see me.

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