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Olive film update

I really have no big news to share as far as actual progress since the last installment, in which I brought my few, interested readers up to speed on the Olive the Woolly Bugger animated film project.

I haven’t heard back from Mr. Screenwriter yet. He was going to give me some creative feedback on my story premise and character arc. But he works for a living and the advice he’s shared with me is complimentary so I’m not expecting an immediate response. I appreciate his time and whatever he can help me with. It’s only been a week.

The Big Fish hasn’t responded either. It’s also been only a week, but the silence deafening. Actually, the lack of response is not being taken as a refusal, yet. I figure he’s probably enjoying his summer, away from email and the like. The pessimist in me says he saw the email and has no interest whatsoever and so I won’t be hearing back from him. The optimist tells me I haven’t given it enough time yet. I’m going to wait a couple more weeks before I determine that I need to sharpen my hook and cast to another big fish.

What I have been doing is working on developing some addition scenes that may be part of the film. The plot and storyline can take place within the existing framework of my books, but there’s a lot that needs to be added to give it length and sophistication. Animated movies, while playful in appearance, are really aimed at an adult audience so they must be very sophisticated. Adjusting the story accordingly is not difficult, but will require some creativity. For example, how might the movie begin?  Certainly there has to be a bit more to it than just starting out as things begin in Olive the Little Woolly Bugger.  I’ve actually been working on an alternative opening scene that sets the stage for the adventure. I’m pretty happy about the concept at this point, but can’t say anything about it (you’ll just have to watch the movie to see how it turns out).

The other thing I’ve been working on is a character bible. The characters from the books are already in place, but in order to grow the story I will need additional, rich characters. So far I’ve got 4 that I’m very enthused about. One of them is a terrifying and ultimately misunderstood villain that should provide lots of drama for the story. The other 3 are supplemental characters intended to offer sophistication and humor to the story. I think I’ve been pretty clever with their names, but even those audience members who’ve never heard of them will get a kick out of their personalities. Those familiar with fly fishing history will laugh out loud, I hope.

So there you have it.  Not a whole lot of excitement going on, but the dream is still alive and the story outline is being developed. My hope is that when I hear back from The Big Fish and he asks for more details, I’ll be able to provide him with material that will make the potential for the film very clear. I don’t want to leave anything to chance, so I’m trying to get all my ducks in a row.

You just never know when that email will pop into my inbox, or when that number (the one that I don’t recognize) shows up on my phone. I’ll be ready. And waiting.

But for now I am headed on a trip to do a little fly fishing in Montana (for fun) and Idaho (for fun and for a great cause). If you’re interested to hear about my trip, please check out my alter ego, the Unaccomplished Angler. Thanks for your continued enthusiastic support.



  1. Teeg Stouffer

    Congratulations, Kirk!

    Exciting times and a super cool step for Olive.

    Can mean only good things for kids, fish and fishing.

    Thanks for keeping us up to speed.


    • Kirk Werner

      Appreciate the enthusiasm, Teeg- albeit a little premature. But I feel in my gut that this is going to happen. Just gotta keep “fishing”.

  2. Kevin Breen

    Was thinking about another possible “Big Fish” out there other than Mr. T.S. This “Fish’s initials would be T.T. He has a accumulated rather large tracts of land encompassing some of the best Fly Fishing waters in the states of N.M., WY, MT., and various other states, in order to preserve said waters from meddling oil/gas/mining contingencies. Plus he also started a company with television ties (CNN), plus use to be married to a woman in “the business” (JF) who could possibly make a wonderful Olive…just sayin

    • Kirk Werner

      You are thinking my thoughts, Kevin. TT is on my list for the very reasons you noted. He is a BIG Fish and it may be harder to reach him than some of the other Big Fish, but if I can establish a connection with a Big Fish, it may lead to some funding from a BIG Fish. That would be a dream come true…

  3. Kevin Breen


    enjoy your trip…to fly fishing mecca

    • Kirk Werner

      I feel like I am headed into the heart of the Promised Land…

  4. Arthur du O'fieldstream

    Well, I see you ‘enjoyed’ the little video information. And unless I miss my guess-mark, you executed a very useful download … character bible to be sure! “. ) There IS work going on under the current-surface. As in any good fishing adventure, 90% of the real work is ‘under the current surface’. So, do not be fooled by what appears to be a ‘hatchless’ event. As you will undoubtedly know, a ‘hatch’ can occur and any moment.

    : )


    • Kirk Werner

      Haven’t downloaded anything yet, Les. Just doing general “brain dumps” and getting thoughts on “paper”. I don’t want to get too specific about format etc until I hear back from Mr. Screenwriter with his feedback. Thanks for the continued enthusiastic encouragement!

  5. Vivian Kirkfield

    Hi Kirk,
    Was in Chciago at a book event at Lollie’s in Evanston and just got back last night. I love your positive attitude and enthusiasm…never give up…tenacity does pay off. Before my book was published, I tried to get in touch with many of the authors whose books I had recommended. Norman Bridwell, creator of the Clifford the Big Red Dog series, was extremely difficult to contact…and it took over six months to get a reply. He apologized for taking so long (he is in his 80’s and had been ill), but he requested a copy of the book and did write an amazing testimonial for it which appears on the back cover of SMH. So you never know.
    Your book is great…Olive is an engaging character and a movie about it would bring many important messages to young children as well as being lots of fun for the entire family!

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