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How do you say “Woolly Bugger” in French?

I know nothing of French culture, though I do like their fries. I’m vaguely familiar with the famed French attractions, such as the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre. I know France is famous for their vineyards, good wine and good food. And if I’m not mistaken, isn’t Paris the fashion capital of the world? But what about fly fishing in France?  I never hear much about it, but I assume people in France enjoy fly fishing–afterall, people everywhere fly fish. But how popular is it in France?

Comment est populaire de pêche à la mouche en France?

Assuming it’s popular in France, French anglers must see the same value in promoting fly fishing to kids and to that end I hope Olive the Woolly Bugger can bring her message to French kids. Do they teach kids to fly fish in France?

Enseignent-ils les enfants à voler de poisson à la France?

It’s early in my quest, but the Olive books are being sent to a publisher of children’s books in France, in hopes that they will see the value in the message of Olive’s stories. My hope is they’ll strike a deal with the U.S. publisher to translate and distribute to the fly fishing folks in France.

Wish us luck – and if you’re a French angler, Olive would love to hear from you!

Si vous êtes un pêcheur, l’huile d’olive français serait amour de vous entendre!


Olive the Woolly Bugger



  1. wenda

    Well, I’m German so my sympathies lie with the Rhinelanders. After you’ve conquered the French, I hope you head East!

    • Kirk Werner

      I too hail from German descent, but Olive will go where the wind blows her. If that takes her first to France, then so be it. World domination will soon be hers! 😉

  2. wenda

    PS if Olive is going to France she needs a beret!

  3. Nik

    Hi – my little guy (he is close to 3 now) is getting an Olive bedtime story nearly every night … it is an ad-hoc translation to german – in case you need help with a german translation let me know 😉

    • Kirk Werner

      Nik –danke for the comment. Given that my ancestors hail from Deutschland, Olive should probably be translated and published there. Know any publishers?

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