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Fan mail

Every so often I’ll receive an email from a parent whose kids have enjoyed reading Olive, and every bit of feedback is very flattering and much appreciated.  Whenever I hear that Olive has brought some joy to a child it’s worth its weight in gold.

And so when I received the latest email from a mom-to-be, I was suddenly the richest man in the world:

Dear Kirk,

 My husband and I are expecting a baby any day now, and he ordered the first Olive book of the series.  (As you can imagine, fly fishing is one of his favorite things to do – and living in Vermont, we’re very fortunate to enjoy all Mother Nature has to offer.)  We’ve been reading to the baby and last night we read Olive – it’s fantastic!  Not only did I learn more about the fly fishing terms and experiences, but in a more conducive way than my husband could explain!  We really enjoy and appreciate the resiliency of Olive and her perseverance.  While Randall is not our favorite character we appreciated the fact that everything isn’t a nicety and how Olive still had compassion for him.  These are some important lessons we hope to teach our child and are so easily reflected in this book.

 I don’t mean to describe your book – but I hope I got my point across about how much we enjoyed it, and we’re sure it (as well as the other Olive books) will be a huge hit in our house now and when we can see and read face to face with our newest addition.

 Thank you for sharing your hard work and passions!



Thank you for the kind words, Jessica. Perhaps by now you’ve been gifted with your new baby, and I wish you the very best in the years to come!


  1. Les Booth

    Yes Kirk. When you stand next to the window with your nose crunched in between anticipation and nervous uncertainty, thinking the whole world is going to be critical of your efforts, you fail to realize the simple fact that what you produced is good. Good for the ears. Good for the head. Good for the heart. So, step back and give your nose a rest. Bask in the wonder of it all – and get back to the board to make the next Olive adventures. Besides, I told you it would happen. B|

    • Kirk Werner

      Well, shucks. Thanks Les. I hope one day the next 2 Olive books will fine their way to the market. They’ve been written for years now, but not yet illustrated. Waiting (im) patiently for the green light from the publisher 😉

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