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Olive and Oprah, Part IV

You all may know by now that Oprah went camping in Yosemite this past summer, and while she was there she tried her hand at fly fishing for the first time. For a little inside scoop about the experience, guide Brian Grossenbacher talks about it over on About.com

If you have been following along with my blog for the past few weeks, you’ve read about my attempts to email Oprah, hoping to get her attention and request that she consider Olive the Woolly Bugger for inclusion in her Kids’ Reading List.  Thus far the attempts at establishing a communication link with Oprah have proven futile, but I shall persevere and eventually I hope to hear back. Recently I had a dream in which my wishes came true. It went something like this (and I apologize for the 13 minutes of your life that you’ll never get back):


  1. kim bodnar

    LOL! Good luck with your quest. Kind of reminds me of Ellen DeGeneris’ quest to make it to the cover of Oprah magazine…. she eventually made it. I know you, too, will soon be discovered by Oprah.

    • Kirk Werner

      Thanks, Kim- for actually reading/viewing and for the encouraging words. I’m glad that at least one person took the time 😉 If Ellen’s campaign was successful, I see no reason why Olive should not succeed as well. Dream big, right?

  2. Sharon

    A GREAT way to spend 13 minutes! You nailed it! Maybe in this week’s email to Oprah, you might consider sending this link!!! and ask them to listen to the “story”… BRAVO!

    • Kirk Werner

      Thanks for those 13 minutes you gave up, Sharon!

  3. Merle Ann Loman

    Very, very good. Funny, too, Oprah was right (in your dream).

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