This is Part 6 in a series of sponsor spotlights to shout out to the companies that helped make the Olive the Woolly Bugger iPad app a possibility. The app is available in the App Store, here, and right now during the month of December the app is on sale for only $1.


1. Business Name:  Mill River Fly Rods

2. Your title/position: Owners Bill and Lynn Lanzoni

3. Services Offered:  Fresh Water Fly Fishing Equipment (Rods, Reels Line, Accessories); Casting and Fly Fishing Lessons; Guiding Referrals and Outfitting

4. How long have you been in business/worked for your current company? Mill River Fly Rods opened its doors in 2009 to provide quality fly fishing equipment at reasonable prices. Our goal is to promote interest in fly fishing and the importance of clean water and habitat. We look to provide support for youth activities and encourage life long appreciation for the importance of environmental activities. Mill River Fly Rods is an Outfitter, Guides, and Business Member of Trout Unlimited. We are active in Trout in the Classroom and merit badge activites for local scout troops

5. What made you decide to become a sponsor of the Olive the Woolly Bugger iPad app?  Our first Grandson was born in September 2008. I purchased Oliver the Woolly Bugger in 2009 for him because I saw Kirk Werner’s publication as one that sincerely reached out to kids to help them begin to appreciate fly fishing and stream ecology in easy to understand terms for children. We have all three books and have read each to Derek as he is still too young to read them. He does know how to chuck bugs and reaches for the iPad whenever he is over. I viewed Kirk’s app promotion as a sincere interest to introduce children to fly fishing and stream ecology. How could we not become a sponsor?


Thank you to Mill River Fly Rods for being a sponsor. Please check their website for all that they offer: